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Land Purchase with Design Recommendations

The Local Plan in Cornwall sets out an overall housing target of 52,500 new homes to be built up to 2030.


Are you looking for land in Cornwall or have a piece of land you need support with?  Embarking on a first-time development or project? We can help by providing a range of services


  • Assess the suitability for development

  • Housing market and need advice

  • Prepare a report and advice on build –

    • Best property types to build for best return

    • Affordable need and costs involved 

    • Specification including kitchen and bathroom designs

    • Recommended sales prices

    • Marketing needs and costs

  • Review local authority housing supply and other planning applications

  • Prepare a planning application – Powered by the Land Promotion Group

    • Assess the impact on transport routes and transport connections

    • Complete Ecology surveys, agricultural assessments and constraints, arboriculture, geotechnical and heritage assessments.

    • Produce architect plans responding to housing market and maximise value

    • Work with the local authority, committee members and residents.

  • Help you achieve the highest possible sales value for the land or properties.


You can seek planning permission directly however it is extremely costly, time consuming and can fail without experience or understanding of the planning processes. Having successfully sold new build properties and land for over 21 years we can take all the stress away and hand you back a complete site ready to go.


Why take the chance on such a high value long term purchase?

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