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Aeriel View of Housing Unit

Trouble Shooting & Mystery Shopping

New Build Trouble Shooting.


Our Troubleshooting service is a problem solving exercise for those developments which are struggling to sell or attract buyers.


We look at any site through logical independent eyes, looking at all aspects of the sales process including.

  • Marketing Material

  • Advertising Space

  • Advertising Material

  • Site Staff

  • Site Layout and Cleanliness

  • Development Offers

  • Show Home

  • PR

  • Troubleshooting is needed to develop and maintain sales where activity has stopped or never got started. We will identify the likely cause of the problem and report back with findings backed by evidence.

  • Over 90% of our Troubleshoot clients save over 40% on their outgoing marketing costs.


Mystery Shopping


Your front-line Sales Negotiators are the one and only chance of sales on your site. Customer Experience is one of the best sales tools to closing any house purchase, so by ensuring your Site Negotiators are giving the best experience possible you can be sure of being ahead of your competitors. 


Mystery Shopping is a cost effective way of ensuring each Development has the best sales chance and that staff are working efficiently. Understand how your competitors are working and the effect they have on your own sales rates.


Each Developer we work with has a different set of objectives. We create a unique report for each project and distribute within days of the mystery shop.


Each report will include a brief, a detailed account of the meeting, full conversations and then final recommendations. Each detailed report will recognise what the company and staff are doing well and where there are opportunities to improve.


We identify key areas in the customer’s journey that will improve sales, customer satisfaction and ultimately profit. 

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